Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Think you're the only one? Chances are other people are wondering about the same thing, too. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about placing orders with us, shipping, our terms, our label program and more. We have categorized the questions for your convenience so you can quickly find the information you are looking for.  If you still have questions after reviewing the following, please contact us.


Placing, tracking and general ordering questions

How do I place an order?

You may place your order a few different ways:
1. Sending an order via e-mail to our sales department at Sales@HopewellNursery.com.
2. Sending a written purchase order by fax or regular mail.
3. Contacting your area sales representative directly. You can find your area sales rep and check out the rest of the Hopewell Team here or under the About Us page.
4. Call the sales office and place your order over the phone or inquire about placing your order with a sales representative for your area.

Purchase Order Numbers
If your company requires a purchase order number to pay our invoice than we must have that number at the time the order is placed.

What If I need to cancel my order?
Plants are perishable, and our season is so short; therefore we request that all cancellations greater than $1,000.00 be made prior to Confirmations (Prior to January 1st). In the event you request a cancellation after Confirmations and your material is in a "Dug" status we reserve the right to deny your request to cancel.

Do you have minimum guidelines for orders?
We have a minimum purchase requirement of $2,500.00 for deliveries. Smaller orders must be scheduled for pick up.

Containers (Perennials-Grasses-Shrubs) are a minimum of 10 per cultivar.

"Specials" - All specials must meet the minimum purchase quantity to be eligible for the special price. Failure to do so will result in the pricing reverting back to regular catalogue price.

Sales Tax

General Sales Tax Questions

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Under the State of New Jersey's Sales and Use Tax Law, we are required to collect 7% tax on all gross sales unless you can present to us a copy of your Tax Payer Identification Certificate. This certificate states that the material purchased will be used for resale in a taxable environment. The law requires us to assume all sales are taxable Orders shipped to out of state customers are exempt.

I am a Landscaper and do not have a Tax Payer Identification Certificate but I have a document stating a particular job is "Tax Exempt"?
Some jobs contracted by landscapers are considered "Tax Exempt". A copy of your "Capital Improvement Form" or a Legitimate Government Document that shows the material purchased is exempt must be provided to the sales department or sales tax will be charged.

My Account

General questions concerning opening or maintaining an existing account

Opening an account with us

Opening an account with us is simple. We require proof that you are a Re-wholesale Nursery, Garden Center or Landscaper. A copy of your Tax Payer Identification Certificate or some form of government issued licensing stating your company name, address and type of trade. This is important as we do not sell to homeowners and must maintain documents to avoid this from happening.

I have just opened an account and wish to place an order? How do I pay?

All first time orders are set up as C.O.D. After this first order, you may download a copy of our credit application from the Forms page of our web site and fax it to our billing office at 856-455-0779 or e-mail it to our controller Tim@HopewellNursery.com for review. This will be processed and you will be notified accordingly.

I wish to pay for my order with a credit card.
We accept Visa and MasterCard for your purchases. This can be done at time of pick up or prior to picking up via phone. Please contact our Accounts Receivable office at 856-451-5552 to pay over the phone with your credit card.

Service Charge
A 1-1/2% per month (18% annually) charge or $.50 minimum is charged on all past due accounts. This is billed at the end of the billing month and posted on your invoice with your outstanding balance. We reserve the right to change this rate with 30 days written notice.

Loading Schedule

Times and Locations of Picking up an Order

Where do I pick up my Order?

We have two designated locations for pick up and loading material. Please check with your Sales Associate to determine which Loading Dock you are scheduled with prior to your arrival. Please see the Contact Us page with directions to each dock.

How do I schedule picking up my order?
Orders for pick up must be scheduled at least 5 days in advance during the busy season. Although, we will always try to accommodate you on short notice, sometimes we will be unable to fill your order in a short amount of time. Please call ahead.
Please call our sales department at 856-451-5552 to schedule your date, time and location for pick up.

How do I schedule my deliveries?
Deliveries must be scheduled no fewer than 5 days in advance. However, we ask that in the spring shipping season deliveries be scheduled 1 to 3 weeks in advance. The schedule fills up very fast in the spring. Once the spots in a day's schedule are filled, the day is considered "Closed" for further bookings. We suggest that if you have multiple truck loads on your order that you pre-schedule your delivery dates for the days that you prefer.